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WinAsks Professional

What is it?

SmartLite Software is proud to present the new 2.0 version of WinAsks Professional, software for creating, managing and analyzing multimedia questionnaires and surveys. The program has been completely rewritten and many functionalities have been added, thus making it the most powerful, quickest and simplest tool for the complete management of a questionnaire or survey. With WinAsks Professional you can create a questionnaire, distribute it, fill it directly on screen and analyze the results. You won't need different tools for each task, but you will always work in the same program, increasing your productivity and decreasing the learning time.

Who needs it?

WinAsks Professional has been studied particularly for an educational use: its features make it ideal for tests, evaluation proofs, questionnaires, training courses, etc. However the program can profitably represent a good tool for surveys in general, market analyses, personnel selection, trivia games, etc. The possibilities for its use are almost endless: it's up to you to decide!

What does it do?

Despite the high number of features, WinAsks Professional is very simple to use and some functionalities limit to the minimum the learning time: in fact we find the complete tutorial, which follows you step by step in all the main operations, the on-line help, the multimedia presentation and a detailed user manual.

The program has been designed and developed specifically and exclusively for the Microsoft Windows environment and so it shares all its advantages: besides the already mentioned ease of use, you can also find the tips of the day, the tooltips, the use of the right mouse button, the personalizable toolbar, etc.

The use of a questionnaire or survey implies the management of four main steps:

WinAsks Professional is able to manage all these operations, leaving the user only the possibility to concentrate on the contents, not on their achievement method. The high quality of the product as well as the ease of use and the reasonable price make WinAsks the complete and ideal solution for the management of any type of questionnaire or survey.

WinAsks supports external Add-Ins: an Add-In is an additional program that extends WinAsks' functionalities, increasing its features. All the Add-Ins developed by SmartLite Software are and will be free for registered costumers.

To try out directly all the advantages of WinAsks, don't hesitate to dowload it!

What do I need?

WinAsks has been designed to be used on all systems with Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher. Just because not all people already have Windows 95, the program has been implemented in 16 bit, but was also extensively tested under Windows 95. The full 32 bit version will come soon and every registed user will be entitled to get it for FREE! As far as hardware is concerned, you only need any system capable running Windows.

What does it include?

WinAsks Professional's license includes, moreover, 90 days of free technical support, the distribution of questionnaires / surveys without any royalties, a comprehensive and detailed 150 pages user manual, discounts on upgrades and other products.